We can all work for Nature and People.

Each of us can use nature to take action on our largest environmental challenges. We can do it in simple ways - like being a voice for nature in our communities as well as planting trees and installing rain gardens to provide nature filters to slow & clean rainwater, add beauty, provide habitat and more. We can do it in bigger ways too - like investing in solutions for old buildings to support healthier cities and cleaner water, creating new natural spaces, and protecting those that already exist. Learn more about ways you can get involved:

Take Action for Nature.

Are you an individual, organization or community that wants to take action for nature? Check out the options and resources available to improve the health of your habitat.

Share Your Story.

How are you already improving the health of your habitat? Share your story on the website and - if you would like - we can help you write it! Be inspired by the stories already shared by City Habitats partners.

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